Bros Go Pro
Zeke and Luther totally rock!
Season: 1
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Disney XD US Premiere:
June 15, 2009
International Debut:
to be announced
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What are we gonna do? Wh--That's like...30 feet across, we'll never make it!

— Luther Waffles

Bros Go Pro is the first episode of season one of Zeke and Luther.

Episode Summary Edit

10-year-old Ginger books Zeke and Luther to perform a skateboarding stunt, by skating off a ramp and jumping over four king-size mattresses (approx. 30 feet). But fooling around in their hotel room causes them to nearly miss the event.

Memorable Quotes Edit

Kojo: Oh, hold on guys, gotta call. (talks to his hand): Yellow? "Pro Skate Tour"? yeah, this is Kojo, you want me there, when?

Zeke: (talks to his hand): You want skills? you'd better get here fast, 'Cause I'm about to tear it up.

Luther: right here...okay. (talks to his hand): Hello? Yeah, this is Luther. Hello? Hell-- He hung up.

Cast Edit

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