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Crash and Learn is the third episode of season one of Zeke and Luther. In this episode, Zeke and Luther destroy Jumpsuit's flower garden, and worry that they are going to get caught.

Episode Summary Edit

Zeke and Luther are digging in Jumpsuit Johnson's trash when they are caught. Zeke says they found this "bungee-type strap", Jumpsuit says it is not a "bungee-type strap", instead that it is astronomic flexo-fiber. They later say if they can have it, but Jumpsuit says no. Zeke say "When are you going to take a shower?", which Jumpsuit says "Never!". They both laugh at it, but Jumpsuit gets mad, and they storm out before it gets bad. They then later talk to the camera which they say they got it. Luther says they will make a human-slingshot, which Zeke agrees to do. They then set it up but then fight who gets to launch it. They then play rock, paper, scissors, which they play all day, all night, and the next morning. Luther wins, but releases the rip cord attached to a pole. They go flying, and land in Jumpsuit's flower garden. Jumpsuit hears something outside, and Zeke and Luther run. Jumpsuit goes outside and sees his flower garden is destroyed. Zeke and Luther make it back to the house, with Luther locking the door to Zeke's room. Luther says what's the password. Zeke responds " Your an idiot." Luther opens the door, and looks outside the window. They see Jumpsuit looking at his destroyed flower garden, spots the petunias, and "screams to the heavens". Zeke says the the whole thing will blow over in a few hours, and Luther agrees. They later hear a police siren, and quickly run to the window, looking at a police car pulling over in Jumpsuit's driveway. Luther then says its game over, but Zeke slaps him, making Luther snap out of it. They agree they should act like nothing happened. They are then at the skate park, trying to act calm. Kojo then appears to tell them that someone toasted Jumpsuit's flower garden. Zeke and Luther act nervous, and say who is Jumpsuit.  Kojo asks that if they did it. They both say no, but a police car shows up.

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  •   Kojo gets caught for destroying Jumpsuit's flower garden by the turkey jerky left on Jumpsuit"s lawn.

                                   * However, it was Zeke's turkey jerky that was on Jumpsuit's lawn. It is known later that Kojo                                took a bite of Zeke's turkey jerky.