Luck be a Rodent
Season: 1
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Written by:
Tom Burkhard, Matt Dearborn
Directed by:
Sean McNamara
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Disney XD US Premiere:
to be announced
International Debut:
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Luck be a Rodent is the seventh episode from season 1 of Zeke and Luther


Lbart 2

Zeke and Luther try to make a skateboarding video after Kojo gets his mom tofilm one. They convince Garrett "Stinky cast" Delfino, who has a crush on ginger, to film it, and come out with a great video, but Luther's "good luck charm" rat (named Lucky) eats the tape on the night that Zeke and Luther plan to present it to a large audience. The audience then walks out, leaving the two humiliated. Zeke gets angry at Luther, and makes him stop using good luck charms. however, Zeke and Luther aren't done with Lucky, who winds up in the hands of Zeke and Luther's grumpy neighbor Jumpsuit Johnson (from "Crash and learn"). The two sneak into his garage in ninja uniforms and steal the rat back.