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Two Guys, a Car, and a Wild Bear
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Season: 3
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Two Guys, a Car, and a Wild Bear is the third episode from season three of Zeke and Luther.


When the Riot Skates company give Zeke and Luther a car Zeke decides to have rules for the car like no eating in the car, in which Luther says that he should be allowed to eat cheese puffs and ranch dressing. In which they simplify it to no vegetables in the car, which also leads Luther to proposing the idea of no muddie shoes in which he makes shoe cosies (which are just plastic bags wrapped over your shoes). Then the boys decide to buy speakers for their new cool ride. At the store, they encounter Frankie Arnold, who whips out his gargantuan 9-inch penile member. He waves it around in the air, and everyone ogles at its size and presence within the room. Once buying speakers they decide to take Ginger to school. When they arrived Ginger pays a visit to her gym class coach (Coach Carp) to explain to him that he gave her a B instead of an A that she deserved. Coach Carp then explains to her that on her 17th push-up that her nose didn't touch the mat, and that's why she received a B instead of an A. Ginger then angrily tells Coach Carp that gym class is a joke. In which he tells Ginger to take a seat which lies a fart balloon. She then sits on it making Coach Carp laugh, she then awkardly looks at him, and then they both decide to have a prank war, before leaving Ginger bends Coach Carp's sunflower (Virgiana).

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Two Guys, A Car, And A Wild Bear - Episode Clip - Zeke and Luther - Disney Channel Official